The current-day city of Fort Brazos, Texas, and the nearby Joint Reserve Base have been abducted — scooped up whole and deposited inside a vast artificial hollow world, nearly 4000 miles long, hidden and disguised to look like an asteroid.

A City in a Bottle.


Thousands are dead. Alien creatures have begun to attack. Who has done this and why? Are the humans to be lab rats? Slaves? Or is there some other, terrible purpose… or a greater destiny?


A worthy addition to the Space Opera genre!

Fun, original, engaging and with some interesting, well-drawn characters. Highly recommended!Ron Miller

Hugo Award winning Author and Artist

Great Sci-Fi can’t wait till the next book

Ok so I wasn’t expecting as much as I got. Epic Science fiction loved it hate having to wait for the next book but I’m in. Well told lots of twists and turns, original story line of your into first contact jump on this.Kindle Customer review

Apocalyptic Hard Sci-fi

A military town “awakens” to familiar surroundings but their world is turned outside-in!

Well written with well drawn characters. The predicament the town of Fort Brazos finds themselves in and the mystery around it is what keeps the reader turning pages. As it all unravels newer mysteries are revealed all the way until the end. This work keeps the reader guessing.

I’m looking forward to the next one in the series!

Eric Mills, Review

The beginning of something great

This father and son team did an amazing job of painting an engaging story that pulls the reader in. I think this could be beginnings of a truly remarkable set of books. Looking forward to the next one!

Michael G., Review

Non-Fiction reader enjoyed this Fiction

90% of the books I read are non-fiction but chapter 1 of this book had me interested from the get-go. I must admit that being a resident of the Lone Star state sucked me into this story about West Texas. What I did not expect is what I learned crisis management from the story.

T. Pryor, Review


Awesome! I could not put it down!

Great story! Would make an exciting movie! Are you listening Hollywood?

Lee C., Review

About the authorS.

Patrick Seaman is the principal author and concept creator. Patrick drives the main storyline for the Fort Brazos series. He crafted concept art and manages creative development for Fort Brazos. Patrick is an entrepreneur, consultant, Internet pioneer, and former Publisher, and editor as well as author and occasional voice-over actor.

Blake Seaman is responsible for several key characters and is the technical editor on several topics. He composed and performed and published theme music for the series and heavily contributed to the story bible and overall line. His original music tied to different parts of the story and themeology. From the mysterious void, to the dark whispers of Monsters, to the grief and loss of Ashes and the abandon of Winter, we begin our Journey Home only to find it fallen, seek Revenge and discover our Destiny. Listen for free or buy tracks or the full album on iTunes or CD Baby.

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