Major Gail Anson Finley

Captain Gail Finley

  • Occupation: Captain, U.S. Air Force

Pilot: EA-18, F-15C, F-35

  • Marriage Status: Single
  • Family: None in Fort Brazos
  • Education: BS/MS in Aeronautical Engineering, California Poly State University


  • She started working on her pilot’s license before graduating from high school. Finished first in her class.
  • Served two operational tours at RAF Lakenheath, England, with the 48th Fighter Wing; assignment to the 4th Fighter Wing at Seymour Johnson AFB.
  • Flew 89 combat missions in Iraq and Afghanistan.


  • Height: 5′ 9″
  • Hair: Auburn
  • Eyes: Green
  • Weight: 126lbs
  • Age: 32
  • Species: Human
  • Sex: Female
  • Build: Wiry, athletic
  • Clothing: air force swagger
  • General appearance: flight suits, jeans, tomboy
  • Call sign Banshee
  • Pastimes: Motorcycle riding, kickboxing
  • Name Etimology:Gail (Scottish: Strong), Finley (Scottish: from Finlay – Fair Hero)
Major Gail Anson Finley