Epic Science Fiction:

Accipiter War

Accipiter War #1 (Hardcover)

Accipiter War # 1

by Patrick & Blake Seaman (Hardcover, Paperback & Kindle)

Review: “A worthy addition to the Space Opera genre! Highly recommended!” – Ron Miller, Hugo Award winning Author & Artist
(some of) The people in Fort Brazos, Texas, and the nearby Joint Reserve Base awaken inside a terrifying hollow world.  Alien creatures have begun to attack. Where are they? Who has done this and why? Are they to be lab rats? Slaves? Or is there some other, terrible purpose… or a greater destiny?

Accipiter War #1: Stealing Fire (Hardcover)

Accipiter War # 2: Stealing Fire

by Patrick & Blake Seaman (Hardcover, Paperback & Kindle)

In Accipiter War # 1, a current day city and military base were kidnapped and woke up inside a hollow world. In book # 1 we found out why. In Accipiter War # 2: Stealing Fire, we fight back!

Patrick and Blake Seaman

 ​Coming Soon

Accipiter War # 3: The Forge

Blake and I are working hard on book # 3 in the series, with an intial plan for at least six, depending on pacing.

We’ve been working on the series for over 8 years. Book One finds the city and nearby military reserve base ‘scooped up’ whole, and deposited inside a vast rotating hollow cylindrical world — an alien McKendree Cylinder, complete with continents and oceans, nearly four thousand miles long. Thousands are dead. What is the motive behind the abduction and who is responsible? Are the humans to be lab rats? Slaves? Or is there some other, terrible purpose… or a greater destiny?  ‘Accipiter War’ emphasizes hope and the endurance of the human spirit.

Accipiter War # 1 is about 109k words long or 307 paperback pages. If you have Kindle Unlimited it’s free, or it is $2.99 on regular Kindle. The paperback edition is $12.98.

Accipiter War # 2 is about 136k words long, or 493 plaperback pages. It is also on Kindle/Kindle Unlimited for $2.99 or $12.98 for paperback.

Stay tuned for Book # 3!




about Us

Patrick Seaman is the principal author and concept creator. Patrick drives the main storyline for the Fort Brazos series. He crafted concept art and manages creative development for Fort Brazos. Patrick is an entrepreneur, consultant, Internet pioneer, and former Publisher, and editor as well as author and occasional voice-over actor.

Blake Seaman is responsible for several key characters and is the technical editor on several topics. He composed and performed and published theme music for the series and heavily contributed to the story bible and overall line.